Keratin Smoothing Treatment



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De-Frizz Keratin Treatment (Express Keratin)

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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The keratin smoothing treatment has no harsh chemicals and is designed to de-frizz your hair, to make it more manageable, smoother and gorgeous without chemically damaging your hair! Our team of hair experts have truly mastered the art o amazing, regenerative, rejuvenating formaldehyde free Keratin Smoothing Treatment!

 If you have naturally curly and wavy hair, the keratin treatment won’t straighten your hair as much as permanent straightening. It is more of a relaxer than a straightener. It will strengthen your hair and encourage a gorgeous, healthy glow and seriously reduce the frizz you have to put up with. It will massively reduce your time to blow dry your hair yourself.


De-frizz Keratin Treatment (Express Keratin)

The De-frizz Keratin Treatment is a quicker and more affordable treatment designed for people who have frizzy hair and have busy schedules that don’t have 3 hours for full version of keratin treatment. De-frizz Keratin Treatment will only take 1 hour to finish the whole service and costs only half the price than full keratin treatment. That’s why it will only last 4-6 weeks but it’s perfect for people just want to have a ‘taste’ of how keratin feels like in the first place. Feel free to try De-frizz keratin treatment before you do the full keratin smoothing treatment.